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Viv Harries
Founder & Designer


Welcome to Vivi Creative, a studio that offers the personal touch in a world of large agencies. Viv Harries is the founder and will be your guide through the entire process.

We are a multidisciplinary design studio and have been building up a client base over the last 10 years and have had the privilege of working with some amazing companies on exciting projects.

Our studio can help your business to grow faster and easier, with a striking brand and memorable designs that will give you the creative edge, making you stand out from your competition.

Our strategic planning of your brand identity will make your company look polished and professional, enhancing your business and in turn, your profits.

We work remotely and without a fixed timetable. Thanks to that, we can adapt to the needs and time zones of the client.

View our services and contact us to see how we can help you.


Viv has over 10 years experience working as a freelance designer. He only works with a small number of clients at any time to ensure they all get the personal touch and the attention they deserve.

Some notable clients include Tesco F&F, S4C Films, Humanitas Charity, International Greetings and The National Trust.

Viv loves working with businesses, small or large, and more recently with startup companies. Working with clients from their beginning to fruition, is both exciting and rewarding, he loves the challenge of creating an entire brand from scratch.

Viv has recently returned home to South Wales with his wife after living in Thailand as a digital nomad for 5 years. But don't worry, Vivi Creative resumes as normal, only this time near a British beach.

Check out Vivi Creative's portfolio and please don't hesitate to contact us.

Your business deserves to stand out from your competition!

Let us help you in this quest.


Every client, whether they are big or small, is important to us. We work with businesses all over the world no matter the size.

Past clients have included: Tesco F&F, BBC / S4C Films. Rental Miles, Remuneror Loyalty, RentPERKS, Vanserv, Clean Fork Ledger, London Boutique, Inkwell Greeting cards, Gift in Time, Humanitas Charity, Gower Landscape Partnership, Swansea County Council, Natural resources Wales, Lottery Heritage, Webmarketing Clinic, Shrewsbury International School, International Greetings, Harley Clinic, VICI Language Academy, Green Coffee Machine, Jo Jo Accessories, Pug Pubs, Beaches Fire Services, Guild of Beer Sommeliers, Dekalabs, Provab, Deliverme,, Whitehouse, Future Ventures Corp, Funny Farm Publishing, The Shot Bangkok, Flourish Education, London Beer School, The Beer Wrangler & many more.

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